About moving in to the hostel

Are you moving in to the Hostel?

Don't know what to bring with you?
What does the Hostel provide and what do you need for yourself?
Scroll down and we'll show you!

2400 Dunaújváros, Dózsa György út 33.

2400 Dunaújváros, Dózsa György út 35.

2-3 people live together in a dormitory room. They fit comfortably, although if everyone brings all their belongings from home, 1 of 24 hours will surely be spent by packing them from one place to another.

You will not spend much time in your room. You’ll mostly go for your classes, research in the library, or spend your free time with friends.

Our experience: You will barely use 70% of your stuff.

Available in all buildings:

kitchen on each floor
with electric stove and microvawe oven

bathroom per roomblocks
fridge per room

laundry room on each floor with washing machine

study room

The equipment of your room

Your room will have a private bed, desk, lamp and wardrobe.

Also a pillow and duvet with bed linen that you can change every three weeks.

What to bring with you:

There are quite a few shops in the area so you can do the shopping later, but who knows how long it will take to map the area.
We recommend to bring these with you when you move in:


toilet tissue


washing powder / detergent

Booklet, pen
Take notes, they will be useful during the exam period!
Although most of the curriculum is up on the internet, it is always worth taking notes in class

Bring enough clothes for at least for a week.
Laundry is provided!
Remember, you only have one closet.

You will not be given any medication at the reception of the dormitories as it is prohibited by internal regulations.

There are restaurants and food delivery in Dunaújváros, however, a little cooking is needed sometimes, which requires a plate, cutlery, glasses, a pan and a pan.